Condos and Townhomes pricing TBD- COMING SOON

Nuevo will include: 41 E-Homes, 176 TownFlats, 114 E-Towns, 120 condos, six live/work units. E-Homes and E-Towns, were designed to deliver outdoor living offering luxurious rooftop decks. Future homeowners will enjoy over three acres of fully-improved public parks, a community garden, an approximately 4,000-square-foot community center, a dog park, bike share facilities and many other amenities.

For floor plans, site map, and additional information, please visit the builder's website.


1. What phase release they are on and how many they will have?


2. When the next release is scheduled for?

TBD/ Late Fall 2018

3. Offer process or reservation process for clients interested in purchasing a unit. 


4. Any preferred lender incentives? Need approval before reserving a unit? Must be Pre-Qualified with their lender? 


5. Expected completion date of upcoming release units?


6.Current Pricing?






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