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Schools are often a huge factor in the home you purchase whether you have children now, or are considering having children at some point in the future. A few years ago (~2013) the California Department of Education decided to change the way school scoring was calculated in order to take into account a number of parameters which account for the quality of education that is received. During this time, a company called Great Schools came into the picture and was able to claim a spot on many popular home search engines. Their ranking system is scored from 1-10 and also based on a variety of factors which include, diversity, test scores, community feedback, etc. 

On my website, I have adapted the Great Schools scoring and placed that information at the top of…
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No one goes into a transaction expecting hiccups. The California Residential Purchase Contract does have provisions (if signed) which can protect both the buyers and sellers in the event that some kind of disagreement or mishap does occur. Below, is a little bit of information provided by the California Association of Realtors which may help you better understand the arbitration process should it ever come up. 

Arbitration Information
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Beginning in 2017, new laws were passed regarding water conserving fixtures in homes. The California Association of Realtors has put out a great FAQ which answers many of the questions that buyers and sellers may have in regards to this new law. If in doubt, it is always best to disclose!

Water Conserving Fixtures FAQ
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As a buyer, you may decide to shop lenders to compare rates and loan programs to find the right one for you. One concern many people have during the pre approval process is whether or not having their credit checked by multiple lenders will hurt their overall credit score. To help better understand what hurts your credit score vs what doesn't, I have asked one of our lending partners to provide us with a little bit of insight. 

Hard credit inquiries are those done by lenders when evaluating your application for a loan or line of credit. They're also the type that can damage your credit score, especially in large numbers and over a short amount of time. Soft inquiries, aren't related to an immediate credit decision and will not affect your score. They can…
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One of an agent's most vital source for information on pricing is the comparable sales analysis or CMA which is used to help determine the value of a subject property. This report is used by listing agents as guidance for pricing a home and setting expectations for sellers, and by buyers agents to help determine offer price and estimated appraised value. Some of the factors which go into the comparable sales used are: distance from property, square footage, close of escrow date, neighborhood and condition of the property.

Since pricing strategies can vary from agent to agent, comparable sales are heavily relied upon to determine the true value of the property. It is important to note that although sellers will select the winning offer, it is the buyers who…
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As Realtors, we are not qualified to advise on how you should hold title of your home as there may be tax or other implications which may affect your decision. It is advisable that you speak with an accountant or attorney if you have further questions or need assistance with deciding on which method is best for you. Old Republic Title has been gracious enough to provide us with some information on the different options you have available. 

Holding Title
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The sellers of a property are required to maintain the condition of the home through close of escrow. In order to properly ensure that the condition has not changed between offer acceptance and closing, the Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure or AVID is used to document any visual flaws. This inspection is performed by each party's agent and is not meant to find issue within the home, but to document what flaws were present at the time of acceptance. The AVID may be used during the final walk through inspection as a guide for any noticeable damage at the home .
When will my agent complete their AVID?

Personally, I prefer to complete my AVID at a home inspection and with the buyer/seller of the home. For listings, the AVID is a part of the disclosure…
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In the California Residential Purchase Agreement, there is a section commonly referred to as Allocations of Costs. In this section, it is agreed upon which party is responsible for which fees. Each county has its own standard for who pays for what. Old Republic Title Company has provided the list below which shows who pays what fees in each county. 
Allocation of Costs
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Online search engines give buyers easy access to updated listing information at the click of the button. With so many options available, it is somewhat difficult to distinguish between resources available on each site. Although you may see many of the same listings, each website has its own benefits.


Broker/ Agent Websites and MLS:

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service and they are the source for all other property search websites which are simply syndicated with updates every 15 mins or so. Many broker or agent websites will use a plug-in to provide listings on their website and will offer enlist clients in an automatic listing alert to help keep you updated on properties as they come on the market. These alerts make it easy to communicate

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